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Occupy Wall Street in New York City

October 18, 2011
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Over the weekend I was in New York City with my girlfriend for my birthday present: a wine and pizza tasting class at New York Vintners. It was an awesome present. We each got served 7 glasses of wine paired with 3 different flat-bread pizzas. The wine was great and the pizza was delicious. (The best pizza was one with Boursin cheese, mushrooms, and truffle oil. Delicious.)

Before our class began we walked a few blocks down to Occupy Wall Street at Liberty Plaza. That was an interesting scene.

The block that OWS is taking up is much smaller than I had imagined. It’s about half a block wide by a block long. However the area is packed with people. I did not see a lot of empty space between people’s make-shift homes.

While we walked around I heard people voicing their grievances, varying from person to person. Some were upset about finance companies, some were upset about agricultural companies, and some were upset about the education system. Those were the three common complaints I overheard while just walking around the perimeter. I’m sure there are more.

While we were walking down to Liberty Plaza we got held up because an Occupy Wall Street March was moving up town. I captured it on video. The people are shouting, “We are the 99%...and so are you!”

All together the entire experience was fascinating. I hope good things come of it for there is always room for improvement. From what I saw the protest seemed calm and (more or less) collected. Good luck Occupy Wall Street!

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