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Nyan Cat and Ron Make Nyan Ron!

March 12, 2012
Read time 1 minute

Hey, so check this out

You've probably seen Nyan Cat before. It's cute at first, weird at second, and then just downright annoying.

My friends and I figured that it'd be funny to remix the Nyan Cat video. So two weekends ago I filmed my friend Ron, who sat and stared directly into the camera for the duration of Nyan Cat, a feat I do not envy.

This weekend I put the film into post production (aka Final Cut Pro X) at my studio (aka my apartment).

First thing I did was key out the background of Ron so that I could stick Nyan Cat in its place. This was the first time I've used FCPX to key out anything and it's also the first time I've ever done any type of keying. Let me tell you: FCPX made it ridiculously easy. Also this walkthrough by Ken Stone was exceptional.

So after I keyed out the background I stuck Nyan Cat there and began playing with some effects.

What you see is the finished product. It took a few short hours to do - including learning the new skills. I think it came out pretty well considering the time put in and the subject matter.

Have a watch.

P.S: I think my biggest accomplishment with this video was getting two YouTube downvotes within 20 minutes of it being posted. Rock on.