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Novel Craigslist Scammer

November 29, 2010
Read time 2 minutes

After buying my Nikon D7000 I decided to sell my first DSLR camera, a Nikon D40. It wasn't more than a week after my D7000 arrived that I could already see the tell-tale signs that if I didn't sell my D40 fast it would be fated to a long life of dust collecting.

So it was without any further debate that I put up the camera for sale on Craigslist. I have received a couple of real inquiries however the most common e-mails that I continue to receive are those from Craigslist scammers.

Normally I pay them no heed. I don't provoke an extension of the exchange through emotion or reason and simply let it lay unanswered in my inbox.

This is the course I am continuing to take however I received one scammer e-mail that I found so novel that I felt forced to share it here.

Following is the e-mail I received from a certain 'dr.shepherd kingsley'. Any further explanation as to the inventiveness and hilarity of this e-mail is unnecessary. Please, read and enjoy for yourself (spaces retained for prosperity's sake):


Thanks for you reply toward my request for your item, i am very happy to hear that the item is still available,The price you want to get the item sold is OK by me. I am a medical doctor residing in Texas.

i am buying this item as a birthday gift for my son that was currently transferred to west Africa with world health organization.I will pay through PayPal and you will be mailing the item to him directly through US postal service (USPS).

Kindly provide me with your PayPal email or send me a money request so that I will make the payment to you asap, i will be adding a shipping fee of($150) during the payment of your item, once you get back to me with your PayPal email.

i need this item as soon as possible so that it can be able to get to him before his birthday comes-up.i traveled to the United Kingdom(UK) for an emergency,that is why i can't do this locally/pick it up.hope it is in good condition.kindly get back to me asap so that i will make the payment hoping to hear from you soon.

Regards. Dr.Shepherd