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New Charlie Christ Video Made With Final Cut Pro X

December 5, 2011
Read time 1 minute

I spent most of my Sunday cutting together a new behind the scenes clip for my friends' film, Charlie Christ: The Gospel According to Fools.

This is the first clip that I used some Creative Commons music and I think the result came out very nicely. Simply adding some music to the video added a great deal of excitement and flair and helped me obtain a level of quality that I don't think I've hit before.

It was cut in Final Cut Pro X and I took full advantage of all of its new features, such as magnetic snap and clip connections. I'm so much more fluent with FCPX than I was with Final Cut Pro 7. Sure I didn't spend that much time trying to learn FCP7 but then again the program didn't make it particularly fun and interesting to learn.

The video is below. Have a look and let me know what you think.