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April 22, 2010
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I made my YouTube account about two years ago and haven't done much since its creation.  That changed last week when I uploaded a new video and made it public.

When you click over to my channel you'll see that I have three videos uploaded.  I had an idea around a year ago to start making little shorts and upload them to see what attention I could garner.  I ended up flaking because I was afraid of all the imagined negative reactions that would result.  The two videos that remain from that period I loved too much to delete.

The video I'm drawing your attention towards today was filmed on April 6th this year, a little over two weeks ago.  I had the chance to perform three songs on the campus of UConn Stamford.  This was my first live performance playing guitar and singing and I will admit that I was nervous as all.

So click below to see the video I crudely put together in iMovie.