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My Writing Niche Is Me

November 28, 2011
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I write a lot here about my difficulties writing. This is kind of oxymoronic as when I do write, the topic is about how I can't write. Yet because I'm writing about how I can't write I actually have written something - despite the subject of the written work being how I can't do what I just did.

I hope the previous paragraph made some iota of sense. I just rolled out of bed and this is honestly the first thing I did this morning that exercised my brain. So obviously the cobwebs are still a little crowded in there as I haven't fully shaken them free.

Blogging is mostly a thankless act. Most days that I update this blog I have no way to know if anyone read my new post. No one is commenting on each and every post with something to add to the conversation because maybe there isn't much to add.

Yet I continue to blog and share whatever thoughts I can gather. I do it out of some self-centered need to express myself online. Some want to make my voice heard amidst the sea of internet voices.

I've read countless articles about how the secret to blogging is to do a guest blogging post on someone else's more popular blog, or to pick one topic and stick to it as tenaciously as you can. Find a niche and talk about it at length. I don't have a niche on this blog. The only niche I'd be able to say I have is the niche of 'me'. And what the niche of me talks about varies on a daily basis, making it harder to pigeonhole the blog but also harder to know what to expect.

So in many ways the reason I don't get many comments on posts is my own self doing: I'm not talking consistently about what people expect to read. Yet if I were to start doing that then I'd feel as if I had sold out, and would no longer be blogging for me but for some other purpose.

But that's why I started blogging. For me. And right now I still want to blog for me. I'm sure it'll evolve as more time passes - I have yet to even hit 2 years of blogging - but right now I'm well and happy just rambling about things that I like to say.