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Music Tuesday

February 16, 2010
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I had a very snowy Tuesday morning. After going to bed at an unusually early hour I woke up at two odd intervals during my sleep. First time was at 2am when I have the barest memory of making myself a piece of bread and butter. Second time was at 8am and resulted in an hour spent reading about web2py.

After I woke up and started my day I began scouring through music blogs in hopes of finding a new sound to start the snowy day. Thanks to the keen ears of Aurgasm I was greeted to the breezy, mellow tunes of Nicole Simone.

I was hoping to update and post her music earlier today but I didn’t have time. In any case, her sounds will lull you into the night. Her EP comes out later this year.

[audio:nicolesimone-melt.mp3|artists=Nicole Simone|titles=Melt]

[audio:nicolesimone-teachme.mp3|artists=Nicole Simone|titles=Teach Me]

Also: I found a web app that lets you type in the name of an artist and their song. It then computes the tempo of the song and graphs any deviations in BPM. This gets you a pretty good guess if the song’s beat was made by a drummer or a machine. It’s called In Search of the Click Track and I think it’s awesome.