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Music Release List

May 26, 2010
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Hey, so, I realize that I've been making a lot of posts about music, mostly album reviews.  I've been having a great time listening to these albums, writing the reviews and hearing feedback from you.  However my ability to stay up-to-date and organized in terms of release dates has been sorely lacking.

There's a lot of artists and musicians pumping out material on a daily basis and without some sort of organizing mechanism I know I'll go bonkers trying to remember when a new album is being released.  So I did what I always do in these situations:  I got organized.

Have a look at the new page on my website, Music Release List.  It's a list of upcoming albums that is organized in a pretty swanky table.  I'm going to update it with albums and artists that I like and with information as I find it.  Share it with your friends too!  I hope to make it a useful resource.  Enjoy! :)