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MP3: New Songs From Tune-Yards, TV On The Radio, Fleet Foxes

April 7, 2011
Read time 1 minute

The weather nowadays has been downright bipolar: rainy one day, sunny the next, and right back to rain. So what's the cure for this demonic dichotomy? New music!

I'm here with three brand new tracks, each off the new albums of Tune-Yards, TV On The Radio, and Fleet Foxes. All three of their albums has been rocking my socks off the past two weeks. They've all been vying for my listening attention and I'm doing the best I can to give it to them but unfortunately there's only so many hours in a day to stew in harmonic bliss!

First off have a listen to Tune-Yards new track 'Powa'. Comes equipped with some excellent guitar chords that haltingly punctuate along with Merrill Garbus' vocal stylings. Definitely a mood rouser:

Tune-Yards - Powa

Second we're turning our attention to TV On The Radio's 'You' that sweeps back and forth while it carefully cradles your heart in its sonic embrace. I get a dopey grin on my face from listening to this song.

TV On The Radio - You

Last, but certainly not least! Fleet Foxes new album is rocking me the hardest right now. And by rocking I mean its tender lullabies are caressing me all over, putting me into grooves and places of peace that I simply love to visit. This song has the luxury of coming equipped as a music video. So please click play and enjoy the marvelously mellow moods of Fleet Foxes' 'Grown Ocean'.