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February 3, 2010
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Although I never promised that this blog would be updated regularly I still feel I should explain (to anyone reading) why updates occur haphazardly.

Let’s start with this blog as Commitment #1. (Although I feel it’s too early for this blog to be considered a ‘commitment’ - it hasn’t been around long enough that I feel I have committed to it. I intend to commit but time will be the judge.)

Before I began this blog I immediately ruled out the possibility that it would be updated daily. Not only would that be immensely time consuming but I don’t have enough worthwhile things to say.

College is Commitment #2. Right now I am taking five different classes at my university - no small feat. And in order to stay current with my studies I must attend class and produce whatever homework is required.

Work is Commitment #3. While my full-time job right now is finishing my college career I’m also pushing myself to start my own business. This involves learning many things that I’m not being taught in class. I don’t mind taking time to learn how to manage a business --- but it does take time! And right now time is in high demand and low supply. (I like how I slipped in that business metaphor.)

Personal time is Commitment #4. This encompasses so many things, one of the most important being my time to relax and do nothing. I was talking about this with a friend today - everything is best in moderation. Although I could push myself to perform 4-hour blocks of work I would burn-out far faster than if I had paced myself with 1-hour blocks interspersed with 15-30 minute breaks. Mental fatigue is so damning. (And to be honest I wouldn’t be able to work for 4-hours straight on anything. I’d end up staring at the wall before I got to the 90-minute mark.)

My musical hobby is Commitment #5. I’ve been teaching myself music theory, how to play the guitar, and how to use a digital audio workstation called Logic Studio. When I have a complete song done I’ll be sure to post it. All comments are welcome (although all won’t be followed).

And last but not least is Commitment #6, web development. Right now I’m learning about the Django Framework. This programming framework will allow me to make custom websites quickly and with greater ease. I have an idea for what website I’m going to try and create first. I’ll let you know about it when the time is right.

I think that about wraps up my description of what I do with my free time. Sometimes I get frustrated that I’m not progressing as fast I’d like to with one of my commitments. I curse and wonder why I haven’t learned x yet when so many people already know x and y.

At those times I do my best to take a step back from myself and realize how many things I’m trying to do at once. Sure, some people are already juggling 6 different things with ease, but I’m just starting. And besides, my 6 things are harder to do and better. ;)