Harry Wolff

You can't escape my laugh.


August 15, 2011
Read time 2 minutes

This is a work of fiction, written in one creative writing burst. Please enjoy as it pleases.

Today I was on a walk and I noticed something very unusual.

It was so unusual I didn't quite know what to do. I stopped, looked around and paused. I reflected on the sights and sounds and wondered aloud, to no one in particular, 'Why?'

A small jay-bird nearby perked its head up when I spoke. It gazed at me quizzically, seemingly trying to understand what I was saying, and hoping to answer me when it finally understood.

I kept walking though. I didn't really want to stop, but I didn't know where I was going. I was just walking and hoping to find out soon enough.

I had to cross the street, but the light wasn't red yet. I was so impatient, tip-toeing into the street, hoping to make a break for the other side without getting hit by a racing car.

Soon enough the light changed and I kept my walk going. Over to the other side and down another block till I realized I was going the wrong direction.

I stopped and went back to that same intersection. That same intersection with the light that wouldn't turn red fast enough. I waited and waited, hoping to find that jay-bird again. I didn't, and the light turned red, so I crossed back over.

About two blocks back the way I had come I came upon a bench and took a seat. My knees cracked - one, two - as I sat down. They popped and I winced and I looked over my shoulder to see that jay-bird again. Damned foolish bird, following me around. Didn't it have worms to eat? Or places to fly to?

I sat on that bench for a little while. Not doing much, but just watching time fly by. I didn't really want to be doing anything else. I just wanted to sit and enjoy my time alone, listening to the cars past and conversations float around.

Sure I was lonely but wasn't everyone else? I would eavesdrop on a conversation here and there and pick up stories about how Mitch wasn't being a gentlemen and paying for dinners and how Marge was always smoking and driving her husband crazy. Sad people, almost brought tears to my eyes.

I got up from my seat after a while and kept walking. I walked through town and when I reached the end I kept going straight into the woods. Just walked straight into them and never looked back. Never looked back to see what I was leaving. Didn't care about that damn jay-bird flying around and setting up its perches wherever it may.

I just walked into the woods and made myself disappear. I was gone without a song and there would be no tears that would be spilled having had my life to myself. No one but me was there to cry, and cry I did. Walking into the woods, disappearing and waving goodbye.