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iPhone App Store Weekend Deals

November 12, 2011
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I'm a glutton for a good deal. That's why I always welcome holiday weekends as there is often a sale going on in the iPhone App Store. This weekend is no exception. Actually, this weekend kind of is an exception because the deals are so damn good.

TUAW has the full list of the deals nicely summarized but to highlight the games that I pounced on:

Scribblenauts - was $4.99 when it first came out and hasn't dipped in price until today. It's only 99 cents and I must say it's quite amazing. You type in a word and the object appears. So much fun.

Spirits - I would have pounced on this as well but I've added this to my iPhone game library a while ago at some other sale. Awesome music and an amazingly relaxing game. If you were a fan of Lemmings growing up pick this game up.

Street Fighter IV Volt - Usually $6.99 (IIRC) this game is now 99 cents this weekend as well. I'm not sure if I'll play it a lot but I enjoyed the first Street Fighter iPhone game and I can't pass up on this deal. The percentage of savings here short-curcuits my self-control and forced my hand to purchase it instantly.

Contre Jour HD - Picked this up last night for 99 cents and it's also another very relaxing and fun game to play. Great music that encourages you to play the game with your headphones on, it's a clever puzzler that is great to play late at night.

World of Goo - I've picked this one up a while ago as well and it's a terrific game. Every pixel of this game has been cleverly thought out. Pick this up if you haven't already.

So I don't know why you're still reading. Go buy and download these games and get playing. Get off your computer and go back to staring at your iPhone. It'll be fun - I promise.