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iPhone 6S: So Fast, So Furious

September 30, 2015
Read time 3 minutes

The iPhone 6S is the fastest phone I've ever purchased. I mean, of course you'd expect that the newest phone would be the fastest, but the 6S is in a league of its own. I'm a strong power-user of all my gadgets, usually pushing them up to their limits only to watch them fail, however I haven't yet found that wall with the 6S. It's just that strong.

I've had the iPhone 6 for the past year, the phone that was the fastest phone I ever purchased. Yet over the past year I'd continuously run into performance issues where my power-user behavior would out pace the speed of the iPhone 6. I'd encounter a frame-rate loss when switching between home screens; I'd see my phone stutter when opening an application, seemingly gulping for a breath of air; and I'd see my phone just meltdown via the entire home screen crashing and being brought back to the initial black screen with apple logo screen.

So far, I haven't experienced any of that with my iPhone 6S. The thing just screams. I scream too, but it's been able to scream louder than me so far.

It has 2GB of RAM which is a feature that the entire world has been crying out for the past couple of years. That means apps and web pages are kept around for a little while longer, so that when I jump onto a subway I can re-open an old page in Safari and continue reading despite the lack of an internet connection.

It has a brand new and incredibly fast cpu, the Apple A9 chip which is just...jeeze. The thing is fast. A game that used to take around 5 seconds to load now only takes less than 2 seconds to load. Do you realize how many more games of Flappy Bird that adds up to!?

Again, let me repeat, the new CPU in the 6S is just draw-joppingly fast. Full stop. Good god Apple.

3D Touch is pretty neat. I'm still working on incorporating it into my daily routine of use. The idea of just 'pressing harder on the screen' is still foreign to me, especially after four years of iPhone usage where that wasn't the case. It used to be that if you pressed harder on your screen you'd just be risking a thumb sprain, now things happen. And I'm still getting used to his idea that 'press harder, things appear'. It's just going to take some time to rewire my brain to get used to this new reality. 3D is hard.

I'm having so much fun with Live Photos. People around me don't seem to quite grasp its ingenuity but I'm having a ball watching my otherwise static photos pop back to life with just a hard press of my finger. I went to Maker Faire last weekend which proved to be an excellent testing ground for Live Photos.

Take for example this boy remote controlling a life-size R2-D2:

Nothing too special about that until you see it jump back to life through the magic of Live Photos:

These little snippets bring back such a fuller picture of the moment captured that I can't imagine ever taking photos without Live Photos turned on. (That is until I start running out of disk space, but thank you iCloud Photo Library!)

And it would be remiss of me to neglect to mention the next generation TouchID sensor. Not to beat a dead horse but the new TouchID sensor is fast. I'm talking 'tap the home button to check the time on my lock screen but oh shit my fingerprint was read so fast that my phone unlocked and now I can't read the time' fast. I hold my finger for half a second and my fingerprint is read and my phone is unlocked and ready to use.

Should you buy the iPhone 6S? If you have anything older than an iPhone 6 absolutely. For me I'm a glutton for new toys and gadgets, especially those produced by Apple. I hopped on Apple's new iPhone Upgrade Program so that I could spread the pain of paying for the phone over multiple months. So far I've only made my initial payment, so as far as that's considered the phone was a steal loan!

I'm looking forward to testing out the 4K mode of the iPhone 6S and maybe even cutting some videos directly on the phone via iMovie.

For now I'm just enjoying the hell out of this thing. And I still can't get over how blazingly fast it is.