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iPad and Me

April 5, 2010
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On Saturday I woke up before the birds began singing to wait in line at my local Apple store for the launch of the new iPad. I was there for two reasons. The first was to buy an iPad - which I did and now own. A full review will be posted as soon as possible but for now let me say this: this device is great fun. And before you make up your mind about whether you like it or not let me offer one piece of advice: go to your local Apple store and play with it for five minutes. That’s truly the only way to get an accurate idea of whether this device is for you.

The second reason why I was at the Apple store was to film a promotional video for the Niente Peaches comedy group’s upcoming film Charlie Christ: The Gospel According to Fools. I have recently joined this ensemble as Director of Marketing. We’re in the last round of filming and the film should be complete sooner rather than later.

At the Apple store this past Saturday we got a lot of footage and last night my friend Ernie finished compiling the video. It’s now on YouTube and I’ve posted it below for easy viewing.

After you finish watching the entire thing I’d like you to remember this note: The last scene was acting. I was told to perform and there you see my Oscar-worthy performance.

Video found after the link.