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April 15, 2011
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There are only so many things a person can accomplish during their life. Trying to do too many things can result in one of two outcomes: nothing gets done or nothing gets done well. Both of these options more or less terrify me which is why I take the weaker option of not getting anything done.

Sometimes I feel like I try to accomplish too many things at once, and that feeling overwhelms me. I get extremely flustered and apprehensive as I approach my mental mound of self-directed duties that I give off a slight jump and yelp as I then scurry off to cower in the unproductive shadows.

Yet it'd be far wiser to approach my inner tasks as I do my outer ones: breaking down the mountain that is the project I want accomplished into small goals and milestones. With the milestones I can then see my successes and be that much more proud and aware of my accomplishment. After only a few milestones the task is complete and all the previous feelings of anxiety simply fall to the wayside.

So I guess this means my first task is to put down my first milestone I need to meet. Fortunately for me I know just where that sucker belongs.