Harry Wolff

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How do producers consume?

December 20, 2013
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When you're a producer of content that undeniably accounts for a large part of your time.

All the steps involved in creating take a good deal of time.

At first you must start with an idea. Some effervescent cloud of thought that you want to explore to a deeper depth.

The funny thing about clouds is that they are quite airy.

So while they may be composed of many thoughts, upon further inspection it may turn out that there is no substance.

It takes some time to find that an idea deserves no further development.

On the flip side, it may turn out that there is a good deal of worth to those cloud tendrils that deserve proper elaboration.

Also here further time is required.

You must delve down to every tendril and inspect what branches can be constructed. And each branch must have their own due consideration for creation and placement amidst its sibling branches.

This takes a god awful amount of time.

So then where is there time found to read and consume material from which the original clouds come from? What ether is burned as fuel to provide the energy needed for the imagination of new?

In between naps? After eating a meal and then from rest?

From where do the ideas that push forward come, when there is nothing they consume, nor nothing that they seem to derive from?