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Guitar Recordings On Soundcloud

September 4, 2011
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I find playing guitar to be hugely relaxing.

Every so often I'll pick up my acoustic and begin strumming some chords. It soothes my mind and nerves and lets me creatively explore my musical impulses.

I first started playing guitar way back in 1999. Or it may have been 2000, I can't get the exact year straight. Whatever the year, after only a couple of months I put down the guitar having lost my interest and drive to learn how to play.

It wasn't until a few years later that I would pick up the guitar again. That would be around 2003 and the year I consider as the true start to my becoming a guitar player.

I had lessons for the first two years. Sometime after I switched to learning on my own. I'd learn what I could from friends and books. JustinGuitar is most certainly one of the best resources available online to learn how to play guitar.

After a while my confidence grew and I began sharing my guitar playing with friends. Those sessions took place mostly off-line. I didn't record those sessions nor did any of my friends.

However I did begin to record myself privately. I've posted some of my recordings to my Soundcloud account.

Most of the recordings are improvised because they would happen spontaneously. I never planned with great foresight to record any of the tracks you see on my soundcloud account however I did manage to drag myself in front of my recorder long enough to capture the moment.

So when you listen keep in mind most of these are not rehearsed. Otherwise enjoy my musical experiments.

Click here to listen to my Soundcloud recordings.