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Green Screen Filming With Charlie Christ

October 25, 2011
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Photo Oct 22, 4 33 32 PMOver the weekend I acted as a camera operator. I took on this role to help film a few scenes from a movie my friends are making called Charlie Christ: The Gospel According to Fools. You can click to see the movie’s trailer page (which I made) and the movie’s trailer as well.

The shoot was a resounding success! We started at 11:30am and finished at 11:30pm. It was a long day but completely worth it. We got so many hard shots done and had a fun time doing it as well.

Towards the end of the day my fingers were beginning to cramp up from constantly readjusting the tripod. Also my eyes were beginning to lose the ability to focus properly, which wouldn’t allow me to properly focus the camera. Thankfully I never hit that wall and we were able to get all our filming done.

The day’s shoot was filmed on my Nikon D7000 (which I’ve written about before). At the beginning of the day I ran out to get a second battery for my camera. I’m very glad that I did: we ended up swapping batteries four times to get everything on film.

The movie is almost done! Rest assured you’ll hear more as we near the release date.

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