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Google Reader Redesign

November 1, 2011
Read time 1 minute

Google Reader released their updated design yesterday.

I haven't had a lot of time to play with it but what I see so far I like.

The updated design is minimalistic and stays true to the other design updates Google's been applying to their other products. Google Reader even seems to load a little bit faster which is a huge win in my opinion.

Some people are upset about the layout of the new sharing options and how it blatantly promotes Google+ sharing. To that I say: big deal. If you can help your own product in any way you'd do the same.

The main issue I was worried about when the re-design was announced was that the usability of Google Reader would decline. Ater using it for one day I find my speed at reading through hundreds of RSS items to have not slowed in any way.

Good job Google Reader team!