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Google Chrome: New Release and New Promo Video

May 5, 2010
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If you're not aware: the program you are using right now to read my website is called a browser. Specifically a web browser because it ‘browses’ the web.

Currently there are five major browsers that are used: Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome, and Opera. Depending on what you primarily use the internet for decides what browser is the best choice for you. And really, at the end of the day, the browser you use is your choice, so choose the one you enjoy using the most.

Personally I prefer a browser that is fast. And by fast I mean it’s the fastest out of all the browsers. Today my choice is Google Chrome. And today a new version of Google Chrome was released that I think you should try.

The Google Chrome blog describes in detail how much faster the new release is due to improvements in the browser’s code. However that isn’t the main reason why I’m excited about this new release. The blog describes it best:

“Additionally, this is the first Chrome beta that features initial integration of the Adobe Flash Player plug-in with Chrome, so that you can browse a rich, dynamic web with added security and stability -- you’ll automatically receive security and feature updates for Flash Player with Chrome’s auto-update mechanism.”
What does that mean for you? Flash, which lets you watch videos on YouTube and similar websites, will be automatically installed and updated for you to the newest, fastest, and safest release. All without you having to do anything. How’s that for easy street?

But the team that makes Google Chrome wasn't content to stop there. They have gone ahead and made a video (with the help of video-makers) that gives a neat frame of reference for just how fast Google Chrome is. Have a look at the video below, and after you’re done watching download the new release by clicking here. Let me know if you like the browser.