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General Site Update

August 23, 2010
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Hello everybody. Three things I’d like to make note of today:

  1. Long overdue for an update, my About page has now been revised with more current and relevant information. With the new edit I hope I - the person - will be more understandable from the position of a stranger, and more accessible. I figure it never hurts to have more friends, so why not present myself in a friendly and approachable manner? I am particularly partial to the Care Bear picture I took at the end of the page. Let me know your thoughts in this post.

  2. I’ve rearranged the display of my content somewhat. I’ve moved the links to my archived posts to the bottom of the page, added a neat calendar widget, and changed up the top navigation bar to post topics that I update more frequently.

  3. I’ve added a small Google AdSense block on the right side of my blog for two reasons: 1) I would not mind making money off my blog and writings and 2) I want to gain experience and understanding of how Google AdSense works.

Aside from that I hope you enjoy reading my words. They take me some time to write, but hopefully you’ll enjoy reading them for a lot longer.

P.S.:  That door knob picture is by me.  Hope you like it :).