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Free.fl Announces Amazing Mobile Plan, US Looks On With Envy

January 15, 2012
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This is the second article I've posted about Free.fl in less than a month but this is just too good to not post about.

This last week, Free dropped a nuke on the wireless business, too. For €19.99, subscribers can get unlimited calls to mobile and fixed line phones in France (and to fixed line phones in 40 other countries). They get unlimited text messages. They get unlimited 3G data (with a "fair use" policy). They get net neutrality. And they get it all without a contract.

It gets better. If you subscriber to Free broadband, the wireless phone service costs only €15.99 a month.

Free.fl if you're listening, please come to the US as soon as possible. First the UK brings us Spotify. Hopefully France can bring the carrier revolution.