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Fall's Going to Change Things

February 21, 2010
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Last Thursday I received some awesome news. Let me back up first: Currently my full-time job is a college student. I am finishing my college career and was expecting to graduate in December of this year. Last Thursday I met with my guidance counselor and found out that I can graduate this summer. I’ve been on Cloud 9 since.

That was until I began thinking about what I was going to do this Fall. I’ll be a college-grad, living at home, and without a job. I’ve never encountered this before. Any other times I’ve had off were in-between college semesters. This is the first time I’ll be without school - and it’s a weird feeling.

Best thing I can do is to live today as today. If I get to thinking too far in the future I end up tripping over myself in my haste to force the future to become the now.

I’ve been working on an original song. When I get it better polished expect for it to be published here. I’m eager to get feedback but frightened of harsh criticism.

Disregarding everything above: here’s an up-and-coming band whose going on tour soon with the Antlers. They call themselves Phantogram and they got good grooves. My music doesn’t sound anything like this (yet) but I still love these sounds. Hit play and give them a listen.

[audio:Phantogram - 02 - When I'm Small.mp3|titles=When I'm Small|artists=Phantogram]