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Exploring Git

October 28, 2010
Read time 1 minute

Was doing some research on git today. I've been using SVN a lot at work and was looking to start using SVN at home for my personal projects but, per a reminder by a co-worker, I set my eyes back to git and have just been doing some reading onto its capabilities and use. I've found that git is a very handsome revision control system. (If you'd like for me to go into more detail on what a revision control system is, why it's useful, and why it's awesome, just leave a comment asking for a post and I'll do so.)

Starting with Six Revisions introductory guide to git, I felt like I had a good base understanding of what git is (as compared to other revision control systems). From that article I branched out onto Google and came across this gittutorial Manual page hosted by kernel.org. After going through the entire tutorial, and performing the actions described, I feel pretty confident that I'll be able to start using git without any problems.

So no more worrying about losing a version of a file after I experiment with something else. This is going to make my web development life tons easier.