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Cornbread Video for Thanksgiving

December 6, 2015
Read time 1 minute

For Thanksgiving 2015 I made some home made cornbread. It was my first time making cornbread, and since it's not the most challenging of recipes I figured it'd be fun to record myself making it. So I took out my iPhone, stuck it on a gorilla pod, and hit record.

What came out of this evening adventure was about thirty minute of raw footage and two beautiful loafs of cornbread. You can call cornbread a loaf, right?

I decided to cut the video in the style of popular YouTube video stars. What that means is a lot of sharp cuts, upbeat and catchy background music, and gratuitous and nonsensical montages where the video goes at 2x speeds (which always makes things cooler).

To get that effect it meant I watched the raw footage, and whenever I got bored I'd stop the video, and cut away the part from when something was last interesting to when it got boring. Rinse and repeat.

Video ended up coming out at just over 4 minutes long. Hopefully it'll keep your attention.