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Blogging With Atom

November 5, 2016
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I've entered a weird phase of this blog. One in which I'm not updating it nearly as much as I would like. The easy answer why is that I don't have a part of my day dedicated to writing anymore. Three years ago I had a long commute into work, and it was during that commute that I wrote a large chunk of my initial blog posts. Now my commute takes around 20 minutes, which is barely enough time to even start to think of writing a blog post.

Now when I write it's a concerted effort. I take some time out of my day, either before or after work, or on the weekends, and I sit at my computer and write. Like this blog post. It's a wonderful Saturday afternoon but sometimes you just have to take a lazy day and be ok to lounge inside.

So I'm inside, at my computer, writing this blog post. I'm writing it in my favorite code editor Atom as that's where I spend most of my day coding. However it's not really tailored to writing, it's just where I'm used to inputting words and working, so it puts me into the right mentality. The one where I'm being productive and creative. That's why I've been predominately using Atom as my go to blog editor recently.

In the past I used Byword, an application designed to work well with Markdown. However I don't use it that frequently, and for some reason whenever I try and start writing within Byword I an immense wave of trepidation hits me and freezes me up. Blog posts written through Byword take nearly twice as long to complete, and the whole experience is just unenjoyable.

So that's why I've just switched to using Atom full time. I'm not going to fight my proclivities. If I can get the work done with Atom then why try and use something else just because that's what it was designed for? Atom works best for me, even if it doesn't have all the bells and whistles a professional writing program has. I'm a little annoyed by that, as I do like to use the best tool for the job, but for something as creative as writing, the main tool being used is my own imagination, and everything past that comes secondary. So if I'm most creative and free while using a program with a reduced set of features, then that's ok.