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Blogging Is Harder Than You Think

April 30, 2012
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When I began to blog I wasn't aware of the challenges I would be facing. ’So many people blog all the time, it can't be that hard!’. I could not have been more wrong.

How do you start blogging?

The first (non) challenge of blogging is what software or service to use. The most popular choices are WordPress and Blogger. Some may go the self-hosted route which opens up many more options, no decision objectively better than the rest.

After selecting your blogging engine of choice the real challenge begins. You have to write.

What do you write about? Guess what, only you know. You're blogging because you want to. No one told you to blog or what to blog about. As a result the topics at your disposal are limitless.

At least at first. You should probably figure out what your dominant subject will be. It could be blogging about things you know intimately, or you could chronicle your foray into new experiences.

Or you could be like me and refuse to choose. Honestly it's a stupid decision, one that causes me to curse my stubbornness daily.

Again, it's up to you what you want to write about.

Have you chosen what it is yet?

Now start writing.

How often should you write?

Again, this is up to you. You're blogging because you want to right?

I suggest setting an attainable goal for yourself to hit. When I started blogging I promised myself to post at least once per week. It was a goal I felt confident I could keep without burning myself out.

Write as often as you feel comfortable. Only you know the pace you can maintain. But above all else...


Write, write, write.

So now you're writing.

Congratulations! Keep it up! Keep going! It doesn't get easier but you do become more experienced.

With that experience you learn more about yourself as a blogger. You'll learn that you blog best in the morning, or while on the train.

You'll learn the posts that you enjoy writing most and the ones people love reading most.

Along the way you'll pick up some comments, each one just as exciting as the first.

I yelped after I got my first comment on this blog, and I still do. It's a joy to know my words bring joys to others.

So stop reading and get writing!

And for starters you can write me a nice comment. ;)