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Blogging In 2011: A Year In Review

December 31, 2011
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This is my year in review blog post, and oh what an exciting blog post it's going to be!

2011 was a good year of blogging for me. I managed to kick my addiction of compulsively checking Google Analytics to see how many hits I was getting and instead was able to focus more on just getting words on the screen and out into the interwebs.

With that being said I did crack open Google Analytics today to do a post-mortem of the year and I must say I'm very pleased!

The top 5 pages sorted by pageviews for this past year are:

  1. Consume or Create This one is way out in front of the pack with the amount of page views it garnered this past year. This feat was largely accomplished through cross-posting the link to Hacker News, generating a lot of traffic and a giant spike in page views.

  2. Nikon D7000 Mounted With A Zoom H4n

  3. Ken Rockwell Reviews the Nikon D7000 These two posts managed to generate a sizeable amount of organic traffic as people searched for information about their newly purchased Nikon D7000 and found some of the information they were searching for on my blog. I guess the title was also fairly SEO friendly which didn't hurt its search engine results as well.

  4. Picplz Widget for WordPress Sadly I'm no longer maintaining the Picplz Widget for WordPress but it was fun to contribute to the open source community. People dig Picplz and people love WordPress. A winning combination of interests made this post clock in at #4.

  5. Web Application Development Frameworks – Part 1 I never got around to writing part 2 of this post but that didn't stop people from finding it to be an interesting read. It seems I'm not alone in finding it difficult deciding what technology I should use.

Something I'm finding very encouraging is that the average amount of page views I'm receiving per month seems to be on a steady increase. Have a look at the graph I pulled from GA:

This truly goes to show that consistency and quality are the key ingredients to a successful blog.

Here's to 2012! May it bring many more happy posts and even more happy reads!