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As I Regress I Will Assess And Subsequently Progress

March 25, 2011
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When writing one of your strongest assets is that of concentration. The ability to start and finish a sentence without pause during its construction is one vital to strong literature. When a break is taken between the beginning and end of a sentence's creation its fluidity is jeopardized. However there are no tautologies to this claim - some sentences require pause during their creation, demanding rest before made whole.

This past week I have put myself at creative jeopardy for a host of issues related to the one discussed above. At every opportunity I saw this past week to record word I blanched - fearing interruption and the sea of hardships that would come in tow. Instead of seizing what five minutes I found to stitch words together that I could then save to eventually revise and share, I made swift detours from ever opening a document to begin any attempt at creation. It was not five minutes of time I would have to write: it was five minutes I would have to try to write which would inevitably end in interruption and frustration.

This fear of frustration has resulted in the remorse of frustration I am currently experiencing as I solemnly look back at the week and see all the times I could have spent writing instead of wringing my hands in fear. That is ultimately what held me back from writing anything I could be currently viewing as valuable. Yet it has given me these words of reflection that will steer me straighter and truer in the future. So as I regress I will assess and subsequently progress - concentrating all the while.