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Announcing inipsa llc

May 25, 2010
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I've been playing around with web design and development since I was thirteen years old.  That was when I picked up a copy of HTML & CSS For Dummies.  It was also the time of Geocities and HTML3.01.  So many things have changed since then and I've done my best to change with them.

That is why I feel that now is a great time to begin offering my skills and services to everyone.  There's only so many hours in a day that I can spend learning obscure CSS tricks and neat HTML work-arounds.

So, allow me to introduce my web design, web development, general new media service company to you:  inipsa.

It is a word that I made up, one that I hope can find its own meaning as it matures.  So please click over to inipsa's website (which I designed) and see if I can help you.  Let's make something!