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Amazon Marketplace How-To Guide Part 2

February 26, 2010
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This is part 2 of my How-To Guide for Selling your stuff on Amazon Marketplace.  It's an easy way to make a buck - much easier than eBay.  For Part 1 of my guide click on this link right here.

How to Ship Your Items On Amazon Marketplace

  1. If you have set your notification settings up then you will receive an e-mail when someone buys your item. To set that up log into your Seller Account and from the main page click on “Notification Preferences” underneath the “Settings” category.
  2. On the Notification Preferences page make sure you receive an e-mail for the “Sold, Ship Now!” option.
  3. When you receive the e-mail that your item has sold log into your Seller Account.
  4. Click on “View your orders” underneath the “Manage your Orders” category.
  5. From this page you will see the item that just sold. On the far right of that items row click on “Print packing slip”.
  6. Take the printed packing slip and your item to your preferred shipping service and ship it! I prefer USPS’ Flat rate packages for shipping books but do what you are used to. Remember: Depending on the shipping service the buyer requests is how much shipping credit (money) that Amazon will give you. For domestic standard shipping with books Amazon credits you $3.99. Amazon has a complete Shipping Rates and Credits table for your reference.
  7. After you have shipped your item go back to the “View your orders” page from step 4.
  8. Now you must confirm that you have shipped your item. Enter in the shipping service you used and the tracking number if you have one.
  9. That’s it!
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