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Amazon Marketplace How-To Guide Part 1

February 15, 2010
Read time 3 minutes

The most viewed post that I’ve written so far has been the Amazon Marketplace entry - seems people are interested in making an easy dollar. So, the natural thing for me to do is write a guide on how to sell your stuff on Amazon.

Amazon already offers tutorials to help you start selling. I found them a little confusing and scattered so I’m writing my own. This one goes from A-to-B: wanting to sell something to getting the funds in your bank account.

This guide will be broken into three different parts. The first part will teach you how to list your items on Amazon Marketplace, the second part will show you what to do when an item sells, and the third part will show you how to get your earnings into your bank account!

How to List your Items on Amazon Marketplace

  1. Login to Your Account (enter your password if asked)
  2. Beneath the box that says “You are signed in as..” there is another box with links. Click on Your Seller Account.
  3. If this is your first time selling you will be required to create a seller account. Amazon walks you through the steps required. You don’t have to enter your bank deposit information at this time.
  4. From Your Seller Account page click the top link in the middle column, List single items.
  5. Here is where you enter what item you want to sell. For books it is fastest to enter the ISBN number. The ISBN number of a book is located right above the bar-code.
  6. On the next page - before you do anything else - check that the item Amazon returned is the item you want to sell. This’ll save you a lot of stress and grief later on.
  7. Choose what condition your item is in. Be sure to follow Amazon’s Guidelines: they clearly outline what a Very Good condition is and what’s for only in Good condition. Use their guidelines as a reference point, it makes the process easier.
  8. Add your comment about the item you’re selling. For a book make note if there’s a scratch on the cover. Perhaps include that you bought it for a class yet it was hardly used. Here’s your chance to personalize.
  9. The next page takes the longest (for me). How much do you want for your item? Amazon gives you a handy reference point on the right-hand side, showing you what other people have listed the item for in the same condition. Don’t be afraid to open the Marketplace to compare other listed prices. Enter a price you think is fair but keep in mind: a high price tends to net more profit but may take longer to sell while a low price doesn’t earn you as much but has greater potential to sell sooner.
  10. Amazon gives you shipping credit for your item, i.e. they help cover the cost of shipping your item. They only offer the amount as listed, so when you ship and it costs more that comes out of your own pocket. Choose how many of the items you’re listing as well as what shipping methods you support.
  11. The next page allows you to review all the work you’ve done so far. If it looks good then go ahead and Submit your listing!
That should cover how to get your item into Amazon’s Marketplace. The next step is shipping your item. Stay tuned!

Note: I wrote this guide after I had already signed up to be an Amazon Seller. Some steps I’m writing from memory because I cannot duplicate the “Create a Seller Account” process. If there are any errors please let me know. I’ll include them in the guide so that the next person has an easier time selling their stuff.