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Amazon Makes Selling Fun

January 25, 2010
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Right now I’m surrounded by old textbooks.

Textbooks from the previous four years of my college life. Some textbooks I don’t think I ever opened. Some textbooks I think I used at most three times. Some textbooks make me recoil with bad memories of professors (who weren’t the greatest teacher [but I may not have been the greatest student either]).

So what’s a college student to do with so many old textbooks - gathering dust and taking up space?

Sell them on Amazon Marketplace!

This has been on my to-do list for the past two weeks and this night the time was finally right. I did some brief reading over the past two weeks about how Amazon Marketplace works -- gauging the level of difficulty and time it would take.

There was no way I could predict how easy Amazon makes it to sell things. It’s so easy it’s almost fun.

Almost fun - this post was written 3/4’s of the way through listing all the textbooks. It’s super easy, but also super monotonous and this is a nice break.

So, to all my college and ex-college friends out there: If you have no more use for your college textbooks and have a free evening: List your books! Aint nothing so sweet as making money. Except lollipops. They’re sweeter. (It’s because of the sugar.)

[Update 1: Less than 24 hours from listing my textbooks one has already sold! That was time well spent...]