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A Busy December Is A Lovely December

December 15, 2010
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For a variety of reasons I have been exceptionally busy the past couple of days, resulting in no new posts or explanation. This is the beginning of an explanation, but before I jump into detail let me derail my train of thought:

Until this year, every December I've experienced during my formative years was spent in school, studying and working on mid-terms and projects. This left every December stressful and busy, flying past without concern for my need to sleep, leaving me winded, dizzy, and stumbling into January on shaky legs.

I haven't known any other way to operate. December was the month of long essays and complex projects. December was the month of stress-riddled sleep that was overwhelmingly delivered in short supply. Along with the unbearable cold and schizophrenic New England weather, December has always been a darkly depressing month.

For the first time in my life I am not spending my December studying for finals and mid-terms. And you know what? It's glorious.

Sure, work is reaching a fever pitch of activity and workload, but it's work that I love. As the year expires project deadlines loom, pushing all of to start the New Year on the right foot. It's to be expected, it's fun to finally experience, and it's leaving me without any extra free time to write these posts.

But then how is this one being written? As the clock struck midnight I began to type, and so here you see the result. Forgive any sloppiness, the day has been long and my mind is going mad while I stall going to bed.

And I shall stall no more.