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A Beautiful Nikon D7000 Video Montage

November 5, 2010
Read time 1 minute

Last night I stayed up way too late to finish putting together my second compilation of footage from my Nikon D7000. The previous one I rushed to finish, leaving it in many ways incomplete and not up to my satisfaction.

This new video that I put together uses the same source material as the my first video, however it is arranged in a more coherent manner. Through my use of Final Cut Pro's subclips I was able to put together the video with much greater ease and less frustration. The next step for me is to start playing with transitions a bit more - I've hardly delved into that library of effects.

Click through to see the video. Be sure to watch it in 720p!

P.S.: I ask you to click through because I don't like having Flash content on my main page. I find it to be a drag.