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23andMe Genetic Testing

June 11, 2010
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I love new and cool technologies.  This ranges from the supreme laziness afforded by an iRobot Dirt Dog to the awesome laziness afforded by a Segway.  Yet these two gadgets pall in comparison to my somewhat fanatical interest in a (relatively) new company called 23andMe:

23andMe's mission is to be the world's trusted source of personal genetic information.
So exactly what does 23andMe offer?  Personal genetic testing for health, disease, and ancestry.  In brief they are a DNA testing laboratory that will give you a very thorough and complete breakdown of your own DNA.  Sounds awesome to me.

I've been interested in trying out their services for a while however I cannot honestly rationalize their $500 price for something that I perceive as an awesome (and somewhat practical) luxury.  Maybe I'll give it to myself as a birthday present, or perhaps someone else will.

I recently found a very thorough breakdown and review of a blogger who bought and used 23andMe's services.  Go take a look at Paul's write-up of his experience using 23andMe.  Looks really cool to me, however it still looks to be a luxury purchase.

The future is coming sooner than I can imagine.  I hope the next scientific development is personal body modifications.  I would love to have claws like Wolverine.  I would save so much on shaving costs.