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23andMe DNA Day Sale

April 11, 2011
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You're only as healthy as you are knowledgeable. That's an old saying that I just made up making it quite new and fresh.

Doctors know a fair amount about your health because it's their job to understand the human body and treat it for any ills or problems. They also get the luxury of examining their patients, giving them hands-on access to each person's specific ailments and conditions. This helps them diagnose and treat each of us when we get sick.

There's one thing that our everyday doctors don't have the luxury of having: access to our DNA. I can only imagine the possibilities of how effective a doctor could be if they knew what was stored in each of our DNA sequences. They'd be able to predict illness far ahead a time and treat them accordingly, and also offer other lifestyle suggestions that would just make everyday life that much more enjoyable.

Thanks to a relatively new company called 23andMe this is now possible for everyone! I've been excited about using 23andMe's services for over a year now but their price point always drove me away: $500 for a full DNA analysis and results.

But! Like any other savvy business 23andMe is currently holding their annual DNA Day Sale where the cost to purchase their services has tumbled to a much kinder cost of $109.

So if you're interested in knowing what's in your DNA then head on over to 23andMe right now and sign up to take advantage of this one day sale! I've ordered mine - can't wait to hear the results. :D