Google Reader Redesign

Google Reader released their updated design yesterday. »

Today's Top Tech Headlines

Today was an insanely busy day for tech. »

Google Acquires Motorola Mobility; HP Drops Consumer PC Business

Last week two huge pieces of tech news was released. Both have the potential to change the current computing landscape in a big way. The fact that they were both announced within a week's time of each other made last week a blur of commentary and punditry. »

What is Google+?

There's been a lot of talk recently about Google's new social network, Google+. Seems like everywhere people are trying to make sense of it. 'Are you in?' is what they ask followed by 'Can you invite me?'. It's amazing what a little exclusivity and a lot of good execution can do for a product. Certainly reminds me of an older website that people used to be head-over-heels with: Facebook. »

Google Cr-48 Chrome OS Flash Review

Today, mostly on a whim, I grabbed my Google Cr-48 Chrome OS notebook with me to take on the train into work. At home I use the device infrequently for two reasons: 1) My first experience was with an early build that still had trackpad issues - causing my use of the device to be highly frustrating and un-enjoyable. 2) You can't beat the power of a MacBook Pro. »

Google's Body Browser

I don't know any other company that has as many fun side-projects as Google does. From the now defunct Google Wave to the recently updated Google Earth Google seems to always be buzzing with a new toy to share. Today's newest Google Lab release is no exception. Allow me to introduce you to Google's Body Browser, bringing the power and interactivity of Google Earth to the human body. View this post for more details. »