GetGlue's Front End Stack

Earlier this year GetGlue began work on the new GetGlue website. It was a chance for a clean engineering slate, allowing us to put all our knowledge together to begin a new project on strong footing. It was a chance to use all of the most powerful client-side technologies to allow us to work efficiently and quickly. »

Mashable Tours GetGlue Offices and Takes My Picture

About two weeks ago Christina Warren from Mashable visited GetGlue's office. While there she took a few photos. I happened to be wearing my GetGlue shirt that day and in a delightful turn of events had a sudden yawn attack which she managed to capture on her phone. »

GetGlue Profiled by Bloomberg

Here's a very interesting and thorough article about GetGlue, the place that keeps me busy most of my waking hours ;). Good things all around :). »

GetGlue Website Update

Today we pushed a huge update to I've been working on this update non-stop for the past two weeks and I'm hugely proud of the result. Of course this was a team effort to get the final product out the door but personally I feel very accomplished that my hard work is now viewable by all. »

Today's Top Tech Headlines

Today was an insanely busy day for tech. »

New View From New GetGlue Office

It's not as pretty as the old office, but it's really what's inside that counts. And the insides of the new GetGlue office is reaaaal pretty. »