The Best...and...The Worst List of All Time

A fad?  A tendency?  An inclination?  A meme?  I'm honestly not sure what to call it, but I am saying the phrases "The Best!" and "The Worst!" a whole lot more than I used to.

Last night I ate some Famous Amos Cookies.  What'd I say after my third cookie?  "These are the best!"

Two days ago it was very cold and windy.  What did I say when I went outside?  "This weather is the worst!"

Like most phrases I'm sure I will eventually stop using them.  However until that time comes I'm going to start collecting examples of things that are "The Best!" and things that are "The Worst!".

You can help!  If you have any ideas and examples of Best things and Worst things let me know in the comments!  Together we'll make "The Best...and...The Worst List of All Time!"