Best Buy's Super Bowl Ads

Did you see Best Buy's Super Bowl ads last night? If you haven't, you should give them a watch. They feature the creators of Instagram, Shazam, and Square to name a few. Tastefully done and a joy to see. »

Apple Scotland's Funny Siri Ad

Sure, it may not be the real thing but this hypothetical ad for Apple Scotland's version of Siri is very funny. 10 points for you if you can make out every word he says. »

Mesmerizing Video of a Washing Machine Destruction

I'm not sure why I felt so uncomfortable while watching this video. Perhaps it was due to the somewhat human face of the washing machine. I couldn't look away as it slowly destroyed itself, at times proud, at times scared. The machines are alive I tell ya. »

A Squirrel Dancing To Michael Jackson

Everyone can use a little more Michael Jackson in their life. That's why you need to watch these two videos of first a squirrel dancing to Don't Stop Till You Get Enough and then a traffic cop dancing to Billie Jean. Just don't watch them at work as you'll burst out laughing. »

ShamWow Guy Now Selling The Schticky

This is the funniest thing I've seen today. The guy who sold the infamous ShamWow is now pushing a new product called the Schticky, which you can buy in a jiffy (his words not mine). Source. »

Louis C.K. Live At The Beacon

About a month ago I had the great fortune to watch Louis C.K. in concert at the Beacon Theater. He was amazing as usual. Full of fresh material and comedy that made my cheeks hurt so much from laughing that at points I just wanted him to stop talking so I could get a break. »