Stand-up Comedy

Comedy is a funny thing. I don't mean that in an overly punny and witty way but the goal of comedy is to get people to laugh. I love getting people to laugh. »


I've wanted to start doing a vlog of sorts here for a while. You know, get myself in front of the camera, show off my face, my diction, my facial expressions. I tried once before a while ago but the result ended up being far too messy to make public. I'm intent on trying again though. So if you have any encouraging words for me to make getting in front of the camera more pleasurable and less horribly please let me know. :) »

Working Toward Becoming A Workaholic

Although seemingly antithetical to a healthy lifestyle, I'm in the process of cultivating an addiction to work. This has the end goal of assigning myself the label 'workaholic', with the hoped for side-effect being an increase in works created, produced, and ultimately visible for display and sharing. »

A Beautiful Nikon D7000 Video Montage

Last night I stayed up way too late to finish putting together my second compilation of footage from my Nikon D7000. The previous one I rushed to finish, leaving it in many ways incomplete and not up to my satisfaction. »

Facebook Anxiety and More Nikon D7000 Videos

I read a post the other day that links posted to Facebook in the morning perform the best, i.e. they are more prominently displayed on other friends' news feeds, thus getting seen more and subsequently (it is the hope) being clicked on the most. For the past two days I've been more or less consumed by this factoid, halting myself from writing and posting a post because it's past 10am EST. »

Week of Links 014 & 015