Color: A Game To Test Your Matching Skills

This is really cool. Built entirely with native browser technology Color — Method of Action is a game that tests your ability to match colors based on hue, saturation, complementary, analogous, ternary, and quaternary. Fun. »

Verizon Sold More iPhones Than Any Other Smartphone in 4Q 2011

Verizon released their sale figures today for the last quarter. The big takeaway? More than 50% of all smartphones that they sold were iPhones. To be exact 55% of all their smartphone sales were iPhones. »

RIM's co-CEOs Step Down, World Doesn't Care

The most interesting tech news today is also the most boring. RIM's co-CEOs are stepping down as the COO assumes the CEO role. Marco Arment summed up this news poignantly in his doodle. What's next for RIM? I'm pretty sure I don't care. For their sake I hope they can turn their mess around. They were great once. »

How Does The Tech Industry Disrupt The Government?

Regarding recent SOPA and PIPA activity, Mike Arrington linked to this recent NY Times article snippet: »

Apple Releases iBooks 2 With Textbook Support

Today Apple released iBooks 2 with support for textbooks. Along with this announcement they showed off a new video describing why they created support for textbooks and how they went about doing so. The video is typical Apple quality: endearing and uplifting. Overlook the length of the video and let yourself be captivated. This is some stuff that I wish I had growing up. »

MegaUpload Shut Down

MegaUpload Shut Down by the Feds, Founder Arrested. »