Nikon D7000 Mounted With A Zoom H4n

So as you saw in my last post, I have - after long last - my Nikon D7000. What you may not know is that I also have in my possession a Zoom H4N. With these two electronic gadgets together I am poised to make great art! »

How I Make My Week of Links

The first few times I was formatting my 'Week of Links' post I had a very loose and chaotic system in place. Most of my reading is done through my Google Reader account, which helps centralize all the different websites and blog feeds into one place. This way, instead of having to load 10+ websites every day to catch up on news, I am able to go to my Google Reader and read all my news in one neat location. »

Tips For Buying a Tripod

Who knew buying a tripod could be so complicated? »

The Best and The Worst Project

A little while ago I wrote a post that had an idea for a list of ‘best things’ and ‘worst things’. It was a quirky idea based off then-recent observations of my over-use of the phrases ‘the best!’ and ‘the worst!’. »

Mobility Shoes Get You Going Without Effort

Move aside Segway, there's a new personal transportation revolution underway. May I introduce you to Treadway Wearable Mobility, shoes that will get you where you want to go without any effort. [Gizmodo] »

Newly Redesigned MSNBC Website

Uhm, have you seen the newly redesigned website? It’s nothing less than amazing. For the first time in my life I may actually be inclined to read and use a news website as its designed. For as long as I can remember I would find articles linked to from aggregating websites, saving me the time from hunting through the websites own confusing website layout. And damn, I’m dying to know what web technologies they’ve put to use, especially with the navigation icons next to the scrollbar. So cool. Check it out now. »

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