23andMe DNA Day Sale

You're only as healthy as you are knowledgeable. That's an old saying that I just made up making it quite new and fresh. »

My Verizon iPhone Is Coming!

For over four years I've waited for the iPhone to become available on Verizon's Wireless network. »

Verizon iPhone

Who has time to work today when something like this is going on? After so many years of waiting, finally my patience will have paid off! »

Making A Brain Dump On The Internet

I had an idea the other day to start documenting all the various pieces of information that I've collected over my years of living. The types of information I intend to share are those that I have found aren't common knowledge. The knowledge is more 'special'. As in - it is highly targeted and specific in its use and application. »

Google's Body Browser

I don't know any other company that has as many fun side-projects as Google does. From the now defunct Google Wave to the recently updated Google Earth Google seems to always be buzzing with a new toy to share. Today's newest Google Lab release is no exception. Allow me to introduce you to Google's Body Browser, bringing the power and interactivity of Google Earth to the human body. View this post for more details. »

Big Nerd Ranch

Anyone interested in going hiking and learning how to create an iPhone app? At the same time? At Big Nerd Ranch they provide just that service. It seems like a weird combination, but boat-loads of fun. Check out their website here to learn about their services. »