My Experience with PHP Frameworks - Yii, CodeIgniter, and Symfony

A week ago I started work on a personal web project using PHP as my programming language of choice. This wasn’t a hard decision as I use PHP daily for work and have a great deal of strength in the language. »

Quick Picture Posting


Web Application Development Frameworks - Part 1

For a long time Ruby on Rails has been the 'cool kid on the block' when it comes to contemporary web application development. A good way to understand what a 'contemporary web application' is to view the list of applications that have already been built on Ruby on Rails (RoR). Some notables in the list are Twitter, Groupon, Funny or Die, and Hulu. That's some good company. »

The Roots - How I Got Over

As I wrote yesterday The Roots have released their new album today, How I Got Over. I’m not an old fan of The Roots: the first album I heard of theirs was The Tipping Point, which I liked but didn’t get much replay from me. Over the years I’ve heard more of their music and gotten to know who they are as a band. Especially with their latest stint as Jimmy Fallon’s band. »

Sleigh Bells - Treats

Every once in a while a new album comes out that sounds like nothing else. Sometimes these albums break new ground in an ambient and sparse way, with lilts in each song that accentuate the sublime subtleties hidden in each track (e.g. The Field - From Here We Go Sublime). Sometimes these albums break new ground by pitting together instruments and sounds that work in such awesome harmony that it's a wonder it was never accomplished before (e.g. Arcade Fire - Funeral). And then sometimes these albums roar so ferociously in your ear that at first listen they come off as raw, unfiltered noise that was designed to annoy rather than entertain. Sleigh Bell's debut album Treats is that such album. »

Official Week of Music – OWoM

This week I am declaring as my Official Week of Music. I haven’t posted an album review or highlighted any good artists in a while and I think it’s time to take some time and do just that. I’ve actually accumulated quite a nice collection of artists and musicians that I am very much itching to write about. I am no longer restricting myself from writing solely of new artists and albums - there are far too many musicians out there that when they enter my realm of music deserve my attention and adulation. »