Snowing In New England

It's snowing again in New England. I thought 'Mother Nature' would have grown tired of dusting us with her white dust bunnies but she seems to be getting a kick out of making everyone's commute a certified thrill ride. You are so crafty Miss Nature! »

Year Two Of Blogging Begins Today

One year ago yesterday I started this blog. I wrote then that "This [blog] is the start of a beautiful relationship" and today I still agree with that sentiment. I wasn't confident that I would be able to follow-through with my commitment to keep this blog maintained and updated but I have proven my own inner insecurities wrong. After one complete year I'm still here, writing to my heart's content, loving the unsolicited workload I've tasked myself with. »

Nothing To Write Home About

All work and no play makes Harry a dull blogger. It's not his fault that his work is working him in overdrive, or that he is taking on many side-projects in his free time, or that he is trying to lead a social life. It is not his fault that he has somewhat of a writer's block, unable to think up interesting topics to write on, right on. »

Making A Brain Dump On The Internet

I had an idea the other day to start documenting all the various pieces of information that I've collected over my years of living. The types of information I intend to share are those that I have found aren't common knowledge. The knowledge is more 'special'. As in - it is highly targeted and specific in its use and application. »

Blizzard Sunday And Chase & Status - Blind Faith

What a wonderfully lazy Sunday. I hope you're having fun lazing about like I am. I'm up here in New England caught up in the first blizzard of the season and enjoying my movie marathon of Despicable Me, The Sorcerer's Apprentice (surprisingly highly enjoyable), and after dinner I believe Taken will round out the day. »

Finding A Wider Audience

When I was in theatrical plays I would rehearse my lines in my room. Over and over I would repeat my lines. I would read them in my head and then repeat them aloud. After a few strong read-throughs I would begin to act out my lines, performing to the phantom audience in my bedroom. I would hope to elicit some response from the shadows, however that was impossible because I was always giving a private show to an absent audience. »