Facebook Anxiety and More Nikon D7000 Videos

I read a post the other day that links posted to Facebook in the morning perform the best, i.e. they are more prominently displayed on other friends' news feeds, thus getting seen more and subsequently (it is the hope) being clicked on the most. For the past two days I've been more or less consumed by this factoid, halting myself from writing and posting a post because it's past 10am EST. »

With or Without: My 24th Birthday

Life is moving far too fast to keep up with nowadays. I’m surprised I’ve even given myself enough time to write this little post. It would have been easier to write this if all the previous events had occurred spaced out, such that I was given enough time to process what happened and subsequently enough time to write out my thought process. Alas, this was not meant to be - but the events that have been are ones that I can not regret for a second. »

Improve Your Diet: Go Gluten-Free

Last night I read an article that has all but convinced me to go gluten-free with my diet. »

The Human Condition (or I Hate Being Human)

Attention: The views expressed below are not wholly descriptive of my own, they retain an expository style meant to impart the feelings contained. »

The Best and The Worst Project

A little while ago I wrote a post that had an idea for a list of ‘best things’ and ‘worst things’. It was a quirky idea based off then-recent observations of my over-use of the phrases ‘the best!’ and ‘the worst!’. »

Writing to Capture an Emotion

This morning I woke up with a smile on my face and sunlight sneaking its way past my curtains. Laying on my back, I watched the curtains twitch and slightly move due to the air conditioner blowing against them. There was never quite enough pressure to fully move the curtain, but watching it twitch and giggle from the tickling air was fun enough. »