Top 10 Albums of 2014

Music. In 2014. God, how can I even begin? »


On November 1st, 2014 at 6:05pm EST I got married to my beautiful and loving wife Rachel Ross. »

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Living A Busy Life

There’s gotta be something to write about. »

New Job At GetGlue

In the land of Harry things have been mighty busy. He has been away from his lovely blog, out marauding for new land and fresh fruit. He has been searching high above the coastline, cupping his hand above his eyes to shield himself from the sun's mighty gaze. He stood there atop the cliff, gazing out past everything that he has since come to call familiar. He stood and gazed west, straining his eyes from their sockets, hoping to perceive success just before it broached the horizon. »

Vital Information for Western Civilization

For a little while I’ve been curating and saving a list of thoughts and ideas that I felt were important enough to remember. This list most definitely has pieces of information that you already know, however I felt it was important to have them set down and saved. »

Life as an Unemployed College Graduate

Life is all sorts of slow right now. Ever since I finished my college degree I’ve been reveling in the glow of unemployment and pet-projects. It’s a glow that doesn’t waver, however it was never all too bright to begin with. »