Getting Comfortable With Ember.js

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Taming The Jungle: Working With New Code

An undervalued skill of the common developer lies in their ability to navigate and explore a new code base. Although not the most glamorous or fun task, it is the one that almost always consumes most of a developers working hours. »

Making A Brain Dump On The Internet

I had an idea the other day to start documenting all the various pieces of information that I've collected over my years of living. The types of information I intend to share are those that I have found aren't common knowledge. The knowledge is more 'special'. As in - it is highly targeted and specific in its use and application. »

Big Nerd Ranch

Anyone interested in going hiking and learning how to create an iPhone app? At the same time? At Big Nerd Ranch they provide just that service. It seems like a weird combination, but boat-loads of fun. Check out their website here to learn about their services. »

Exploring Git

Was doing some research on git today. I've been using SVN a lot at work and was looking to start using SVN at home for my personal projects but, per a reminder by a co-worker, I set my eyes back to git and have just been doing some reading onto its capabilities and use. I've found that git is a very handsome revision control system. (If you'd like for me to go into more detail on what a revision control system is, why it's useful, and why it's awesome, just leave a comment asking for a post and I'll do so.) »

Learning About MacGuffins

Every day that I learn something new I consider a success. Sometimes these new-found pieces of knowledge are nothing more than old thoughts and ideas repackaged. Or sometimes they’re displayed from a different perspective. Or sometimes they are truly new to my knowledge-base. Whatever the case I take such immense joy from learning. »